Thursday, January 6, 2011

Payton - 1st Birthday Girl

Here's Miss Payton! Full of big smiles for her pics! I love it when that happens.

Happy New Year!

2010 is over, but looking was a really great year!!! I had the opportunity to continue to photograph some of my favorite little ones (and big ones) and lots of new wonderful people as well. :) So many precious little ones that I photographed from birth, graduated the baby plan this year. Talk about putting time in to perspective! I see so many of your babies grow and I realize that my own kiddos are that much bigger too. I'm so happy that I can help you to preserve milestones and make lasting memories for your families.

As much as I love photographing your little ones and making memories with you.....I will have to scale back on appts this year and put more focus on my little ones. We've had a bit of a shift in child care and I am going to have to restructure my time. These changes will help me to serve those with schedules that correspond with mine and to be able to spend much needed time with my own family. I am a mom to 3 beautiful children and they come first. :) This means that my latest session on weekdays will most likely be 2:00 or 2:30 so that I can get my son off of the bus. Once time changes in the spring and it stays brighter longer in the afternoon......I will be able to do location sessions in Gonzales starting at 4:30. Because of the shift in our child care and my husband working weekends, Saturday appts will be extremely limited. Possibly only 1 a month.

For the past several years, I've been operating solely and completely on my own. I handle everything, from the inital contact to me placing your order in your hands. In the last year, I have had a hard time keeping up! Contacts and replies, sessions, proofing, ordering, accounting, websites, facebook, blogs, design work, can all be very overwhelming. I also have to raise little ones and find time for a little rest! While it's extremely exciting to be sought out by so many wonderful people for sessions, I had to realize that I am only ONE person and it is next to impossible to handle all requests. I hope that this year those that choose me to capture their memories will be looking to build a relationship and realize that we are a match with the same vision.

I initially started this business because I had a great love for photography (always have) and also to have a more flexible schedule to spend time with my children. I have been swayed and jaded from both of those reasons in the last couple of years, but I have faith that I will be able to get back on track. :)

When considering a photographer, I know that costs plays an important role in the process....BUT, some other important things to consider are: Style and vision......does your taste mesh with the artist? If you view my website (or any photographer's for that matter) and feel moved and long to have similar, but personable images, then you are most likely a great match! If you view my work (really thinking you might prefer a different style), but pricing is the driving factor may want to continue to look for someone more suitable for you. You should ask yourself if you want to have a friendly and trustworthy relationship with the photographer? The person that you choose from birth to photograph your baby can build a very important relationship with your family. Your photographer should make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. :) They should be engaging and loveable to your little ones!!!! All of this helps in creating fabulous images to cherish for a lifetime.

I look forward to another great year of making special memories, continuing wonderful relationships and meeting new fabulous people. :) Happy 2011 everyone!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still working......

So, my new blog is sort of on hold.......I'm hoping to work with a fabulous designer for some new branding. ;) So there's the hold up. I'm excited that it's even in the works though.

Okay, some things to think on:

LSU (and possibly Saints pics)......I'm thinking September 4th or 11th. Not sure which one just yet, but I hope to know real soon and then I'll send out the email. ;)

Fall/Halloween special........hopefully on October 9th.

Christmas special and any regular sessions that may result in Christmas card ordering MUST be done, proofed and ordered prior to Thanksgiving week. So......more than likely, the Christmas special will be done on November 12, 13 and 15th.

Regular sessions will only be available for weekdays in the month of November.

If you are interested in reserving a spot for any of the upcoming specials, feel free to email me to get your name on the list.

Hope everyone is doing good. Almost time for school again!!!! Look forward to making more memories with everyone real soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New BLOG is on it's way.....

I'm working to update and improve my blog and branding. ;) I'm so excited to have something fresh to work with. Please excuse the mis-mash until the new blog is released. Thanks for your patience.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I will be unavailable from May 4th-10th. I'll respond to emails and voicemail messages after the 10th. Email is always the best way to reach me.

Thank You!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easter Spring Background

Everyone has been asking about the Easter/Spring background. is Miss Bella posing this afternoon for some sample shots. Space is me at to set up your time. Packages start at $45.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Easter/Spring Special

Hi everyone.......I'm thinking that we'll do the Easter/Spring special on Friday the 12th, Saturday 13th and Monday the 15th of March.

I'll start booking appts now, so email me at to get your time slot and packaging information.


Jacé B.